Top 7 Social Media Sites For Website Traffic From January To May, 2015

By on June 21, 2015

Social media for businessDo you know the top 7 social media sites for website traffic in 2015?

Do you know that Pinterest, Twitter drive more website traffic than Tumblr in the first quarter of 2015?

According to data from StatCounter, both Pinterest and Twitter have driven more referral traffic to websites than Tumblr in the first five months of 2015.

The data reveals that Tumblr is in a distant fourth behind these two social networking platforms and the all-powerful Facebook.

Top 7 social media sites for website traffic

Amongst the top social networks, Facebook has a 82.57 percent share of referral traffic, more than six times that of second-placed Pinterest (6.63 percent).

Twitter is third with 5.98 percent, while Tumblr’s share is just 2.01 percent.

Top 7 Social Media Sites For Website Traffic From January To May, 2015
Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

What is StatCounter?

StatCounter offers free online visitor stats tool and helps track referrals across desktop, mobile, tablet and console.

Stats are based on aggregate data collected by StatCounter on a sample exceeding 15 billion pageviews per month collected from across the StatCounter network of more than 3 million websites.

Stats are updated and made available every 4 hours, however are subject to quality assurance testing and revision for 14 days from publication.


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