How Strategic Ads Placement On Your Website Can Help You Kill Google Panda Updates

By on March 2, 2014
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*What are the Google Panda Updates all about?
*Quality contents and Google Panda Updates
*How strategic ads placement can help your website

Google panda seo tipsGoogle Panda Updates are all about website relevance, quality and general usefulness of the website to the visitors.

When people visit your website, especially through a certain keyword search on search engine, they are expected to be able to get relevant information relating to the keyword.

This is what Google aimed to improve with it’s Panda Updates. The search engine giant aims to weed out all those websites that are luring people to their website pages while offering little or no information about the keywords searched.

Quality Contents And Google Panda Updates

Quality content is essential when it comes to Google Panda Updates because Google wants websites with quality contents to have better exposure on Google SERPS.

Some websites are stuffed with certain keywords just to be able to get traffic via search engine through these keywords. When visitors visit such websites through Google search engine, they will will not be getting the right information that is helpful to them.

This is why Google is trying to improve user experience. Google’s obsession when it comes to quality is evidently obvious in its recent Panda updates as it’s specifically designed to penalise websites that do not go by its quality guidelines.

Quite lot of websites have been penalised and taken off Google SERPs as a result of these Google Panda Updates.

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Google ads placement

How Strategic Ads Placement Can Help Your Website
Google adsense placement IMG 001

Good Google adsense placement

As webmasters, we all want to be able to generate some kind of revenue from our blogs through ads placements such as Google Adsense, banner ads, sponsorships and others, and Google doesn’t mind that all.

Google doesn’t mind bloggers making money through ads placements. But the fact still remains that the ads on your website should not hinder your visitors and readers.

Therefore, if you are using ads on your site, make sure that visitors to your website don’t get irritated by the ads.

The ads on your website must be placed in accordance with Google Ad placement policies.

Always remember that Google search engine doesn’t particularly send visitors to your website basically to check out the ads; they are looking for informative content on your page.

Make sure you feed them with valuable contents and they will subsequently become loyal visitors / readers.

If you want ads on your site, place them wisely with a proper design strategy. Check out Google Adsense, it offers suggestions on how to place adverts on your website in ways that conform with Google guidelines.

Smart Ways to Increase Ad Revenue

It’s true that higher click-through rates give webmasters incentive to place ads above content. But CTR isn’t the only way to increase earnings. You can optimise several other factors to your long term advantage. If you are an Adsense publisher, you are familiar with the concepts below.

1. Coverage
2. Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
3. Cost Per Impression (CPI or CPM)
4. Impressions

All of these can be optimised for higher earnings. Number 4, impressions, is the most actionable from an SEO point of view. If you’re producing great content and promoting it the right way, then your pageviews will soar.

If you sell ads, produce the best content you can, and you can sell your premium ad space for top dollar.

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