Facebook Bought Messaging App WhatsApp For $19bn, Does It Really Worth That?

Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares.

Content Marketing: Promoting Content To Relevant Audience For Higher Conversions

Startup content marketing to relevant audience for higher conversions is about creating compelling content and choosing the right marketing mediums. Check out how to make your contents stand out to get audience's attention

Real-life Challenges That Can Wake Up Your Entrepreneur Brain

How do we wake up our entrepreneur brain? Entrepreneurship is great but it's not all that easy as some people might have thought. We all need to wake up our entrepreneur brain.

How Franchise Business Model Can Provide A Proven Business Format

Franchise business model is not new, but can it actually be a proven business format for aspiring entrepreneurs? Starting and running a small business can not be underestimated. Many fail, even in the good times. See why franchise could be a better option

How Your Small Business Can Also Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Still thinking whether your small business can benefit from Social Media Marketing? Stop thinking, it's the time for you to take some actions. See how social media marketing can help small businesses in their marketing efforts.

Why Small Businesses Struggle To Capture Leads For Email Marketing Campaigns + Solutions

Capturing leads is essential in email marketing. But attracting people to a website - particularly a new website, is not really as easy as some people think. Check out why some startups struggle to capture leads for email marketing campaigns.

How Startup Can Build Brand Loyalty And Exceed Customer Expectations For Repeat Business

In today's competitive market, building brand loyalty and exceeding customer expectations for repeat business is extremely important.

How Businesses Can Get Into Their Customer Minds And Increase Sales + Revenue

How will you get into your customer minds? As a startup owner, it's imperative to always get into your customer minds; this is the only way to understand them and offer what they want, which will in turn, generate some revenues for your business.

How LinkedIn Showcase Pages For Business Can Benefit Your Business

Have you been wondering what the newly introduced LinkedIn Showcase Pages can do for your business? Check out how LinkedIn Showcase Pages for business can benefit your business.
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Smart Tips To Consider For Getting More Out Of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Simply put, Content Marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and sharing media and publishing content for the purpose of acquiring customers.