Few Things You Can Do To Change Your Life And Make Yourself A Better Person In 2014

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*Few things to change to make yourself a better person
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Improve yourself and change your life towards a successful futureHow do you change your life and make yourself a better person in the new year?

As we are moving closer to the end of the year, what are you planning to change about yourself that can make you a better person than you ‘re in previous years?

Some people were unable to get through the ups and downs of the year while others ‘re so lucky and fortunate enough to make it happen during the year.

At times, life throws all sorts of stuff at us, be it good or bad, to test our strength and resilient. So are you prepared for the challenges of the new year?

Year 2013 has witnessed some great achievements as many people were able to achieve amazing break through notably amongst which include Obama’s re-election, Facebook’s successful début in share trading, the popularity of Pinterest as well as Instagram etc.

Some new start-ups sprung up while some shut their doors. Such is life!

Few things you can change to make yourself a better person

It is difficult to think that this pieces will fit perfectly into your situation because yours could be different. I am sure that we all have one or two things that may be improved or totally changed in the new year.

Therefore, it all depends on what you might consider to change in order to make yourself a better person. But the most important thing is to make sure that you are better off than the previous years.

Generally, below are just few things you should try to work on to make you a better person in the new year.

#1). Be More Ambitious
Aim At Something, Set Yourself A Target
Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word: A Woman's Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams

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My mama used to say “always try to identify what you are good at and set yourself a target for an uninspired man is an aimless man.” Maybe you were unable to discover or identify what you are good at in previous year, here comes another opportunity for you to have a closer look at yourself.

Many of us are scared of challenging ideas not because it’s hard to accomplish, but because at times we just don’t have the courage to make it happen. You can change this by setting yourself a target in the new year.

The most absurd aspirations have sometimes led to extraordinary success. So always aim at something and work towards achieving it.

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#2). Consider A Change
Change Or Improve Your Thinking And Lifestyle
Change Your Life In Seven Days by Paul Mckenna

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If you are the type that like to go out clubbing and partying at the weekends, you might want to take a look at what you can do to reduce the amount of money as well as time you spend on such activities.

The point is to analyse the impact of your lifestyle on your general achievements. Are you okay with the ways you are living your life? If not, then you should take a look at where you can improve. You can also change or improve your thinking by changing your attitude and be more serious with what you are doing.

Some experts say, you can’t be able to change your attitude without first recognising the reason why you should. So, if you are the type that think thoughts such as “I am not good enough,” “I am not creative,” “I can’t do that,” “I can’t do this,” or any other negative statement, you are already telling your subconscious mind something to subscribe to. This is what you ought to change in 2013 if you want to succeed in life.

The little trick is to fill your mind with positive statements that can stimulate you to create the life you desire.

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#3). Get Inspired
Be Motivated, Improve Yourself Through Self Development
The Secret Art of Self-Development

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Self or personal development is an important factor towards changing your life. Self development can be improved through the help of friends as well as families. What is most important in self development is the ability to see or discover what you need to improve in yourself.

This is only achievable when you take a closer look at yourself and evaluate your ways of doing things. It is also important to always be true to yourself and your fundamental values in order to get yourself motivated to be at your best. You can improve yourself in so many different ways; it could be your attitudes or actions that reflect your core values.

Think about what you want to be and what you want to do. This will give you a great place to start on your personal development. You can then look at what you have planned, and spend some time figuring out what it is that you can do to make it happen.

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#4). Be More Social
Improve Your Social ability

Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader (BK Life)

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Always try to be more social and never try to do things on your own all the time. You can only pursue intentional change by starting a new hobby, joining an organisation, learning a skill, initiating a project or meeting new people.

Be open-minded and always give rooms for arguments with your friends and families. Share your joyful moments as well as sadness with others around you and allow them to offer their opinions or views. This might be all you need to get going in life. Try to attend seminars or conferences on issues that are most important to you.

Check you local directory to find out the type of professional groups or associations you can join to help improve yourself. Also, don’t forget to search for online communities with people that can inspire you.

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#5). Meet People, Make Friends
Associate Yourself With Your Likes
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When I said “your likes”, I actually meant to say people that you consider a good influence.

These are people that will contribute positively towards you realising your dreams. Use social medial periodically and meet more and like-minded people that can inspire you. Check yourself and the type of people you have been moving around with. You will definitely see those that do not fit into your personality amongst your so-called friends.

I remember I used to have lots of friends when I used to go out partying and clubbing every weekend. But the moments I stopped, I saw the number of my friends dramatically going down even on my Facebook and Twitter. People you move with don’t necessarily have to be saints.

But the bottom line is that you stand a better chance of improving yourself in year 2013 if you move around with like-minded people.

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